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My wife Laurence and I fell in love with the Mexican state of Yukaton during a seventeen day drive trip five years ago. The wonderful Mayan cities had a great impact on us both visually and emotionally.

But it was the colours and the kitsch graphics (in a cool way) that almost assaulted my eye. Instead of my usual reportage based style I got into shooting for the colour; making graphic images of .... Everything.

I was drawn to making portraits of many of the beautiful and charming Yukatons who are the descendants of the civilization that mysteriously disappeared long ago.

We returned for another visit a few months ago during the Day of the Dead celebrations. We became fascinated by the local cemeteries which provided amazing colour and shapes.

The work continued at home when I started working with them on Light Room . The results are images that I have never made previously in my long career.

The marriage of Camera, Computer and Printer are now complete for me.


I am presently working on an exhibition of my Mexican pictures - I will post the location and the date on my website presently.

Long term I have three books on the go.

1. A retrospective of my work starting in Melbourne at the age of nineteen up to right now.
2. Portraits of the famous, infamous and folk met on my fifty year journey . It is my life story in photographs really
3. A portfolio of Mexico in book form.